How to Score Higher in Writing and Speaking Sections of PTE Exam?

As a non-speaker, taking the PTE Test of English is a daunting task. Most of the visa applications demand a superior level of English proficiency score from applicants. It is not easy to score higher in PTE without proper preparation. Take preparation according to sections and question formats, as the overall rating is offered after assessment of enabling and communicative skills to candidates. Continue reading

How to Score Higher in PTE Exam India?

PTE Academic is the world’s leading computer-based English proficiency test conducted online in a single three hours sitting. Although, the exam is relatively new but has won the hearts of international students quickly. The PTE Test of English is designed to offer an accurate, reliable, and fast assessment of non-speaker’s ability in the language. Continue reading

How to Improve Scores in PTE Writing Section?

You need a good PTE test score to be eligible for visas of study abroad, work, and immigration to a native speaking country. The PTE Test of English is being taken for assessment and certification in the English language quickly. It is a computer-based test conducted online in a single sitting for three hours. It is an ideal choice for individuals who hate paperwork and face-to-face interviews with examiners. Record and save the answer on the computer while giving the test in the authorised centre. Further, it offers an accurate, secure, and reliable way of assessing the ability of takers quickly. Continue reading

Top Benefits of Taking PTE Academic Test

Are you looking for a proper English proficiency test? If yes, Pearson Test of English may be an ideal option for you. It is the world’s only test conducting entirely on the computer in a single sitting for three hours. It checks the ability of takers with speaking, writing, reading, and listening test. Continue reading

How to Increase Your Score in PTE Academic Test?

Want to study, work, and migrate to foreign native speaking countries? If yes, you need to demonstrate higher English proficiency to be eligible for visa applications. PTE Test of English is an ideal test for non-speakers to get transparent, fast, and reliable scores quickly. It is the world’s only computer based test conducted in a single sitting for three hours.

It offers a full assessment of the taker’s ability in the English language with speaking, writing, reading, and listening test. PLC Group launched this test in 2009 but has gained popularity among the international students quickly.

Benefits of Taking PTE Exam India

In India, there are 14 PTE authorised centres to book and conduct test 363 days a year. Finding of an authorised test centre nearest to your home is easy. Take PTE exam India and get the result within five business days. No need to wait for the result like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. after taking the test. The PTE scores are recognised and accepted by over 6000 organisations globally. Your Pte Scores remain to live on the official website for two years after the exam. It enables students to apply for admission in reputed institutions easily.

Tips to Increase Scores in PTE Test

The overall score is given based on the performance in communicative skills and enabling skills of takers. Proper preparation is needed to get the scores required for visa applications. Here are some tips useful to increase score in the test:

  • Buy original study material
  • Develop vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation marks
  • Improve speaking, writing, reading and listening
  • Practice in the expired version
  • Improve oral fluency
  • Find your weaker sections and improvement
  • Practices as per current question formats
  • Take coaching from Institute

Hire Voucher to Book PTE Test

If you want to take PTE exam, you need to spend $330 every time. It causes financial problems for takers taking the test repeatedly. Buy a PTE voucher from the authorised reseller and use in booking the test. You will get 10% discount on the standard price while booking the test. Get a voucher from our AECC Global office to schedule the test immediately.

Take PTE Academic Test to Study in Australia

Looking for a more accurate, fast, and reliable English proficiency test? If yes, take Pearson Test of English to get a full assessment of your language ability within a short time. It is a computer-based test conducted in a single sitting for three hours. The PTE Academic India test has been created to meet the demand of an accurate, fair, and fast test for assessing the skills of international students. Though the test was launched in 2009 but has already gained immense popularity and acceptance among non-speakers across the globe. Continue reading

Practice Tips to Succeed in PTE Exam

Pearson Test of English is a globally recognised English test conducted to validate proficiency of non-speakers in the language. Though the test was launched in 2009, it has become a reliable test for millions of takers globally. The PTE Test of Englishassesses four parameters of the language as speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills of takers. The level of PTE score rightly reflect the English ability of non-speakers. A higher English proficiency is needed for visas to study abroad, work, and immigration to a foreign country. Undeniably, your successful career starts with getting a good score in the proficiency test. Continue reading

Know Important Facts About PTE

Want to apply for a visa to study abroad, work, or immigration to a native country? If yes, the first thing you need is to demonstrate a proof of your English proficiency to get a visa. Several agencies are conducting tests and certifying non-speakers globally. Pearson Test of English is a recognised test conducted globally by Pearson PLC Group since 2009. Within a short time, the test has earned recognition and popularity among test takers across the globe. The test offers a fast, reliable, and secure assessment of taker’s ability in English language. Continue reading